Remodeling Made Simple:

People have been known to say that having a remodel done in your home can be a stressful experience. Here at Apex Home Renovation INC. we pride ourselves on taking the worry and stress out of the remodel equation. How do we do it?

Construction process "All Bases Covered":
Breaking down all aspects of the project into individual steps on your proposal allows the client to see each phase of their project and all costs associated with each phase.
this process allows our project managers to effectively schedule and supervise each phase of your project from dust containment to the application of the finished materials. Steps like this insure all potential problems are identified before they happen. The sequence of your project is all preplanned. All of your remodeling expectations from performance and scheduling to pricing and clean up are all discussed and understood before any work starts.

Experience Counts:
Apex HRI has been providing kitchen and bathroom remodeling services for 13 years. We have the highly experienced installers and project managers needed to ensure a successful completion to your project on time and on budget.

Line Items Bid Proposals:
Proposals you receive from Apex HRI will be in line item format. This way you know exactly what each job component costs. Breaking down each project in phases insures exactly what each job component costs. Breaking down each project in phases insures consistency in pricing, effective job scheduling and completion on time and on budget.

Most contractors subcontract their solid surface fabrication out to companies like us. By contracting directly with Apex HRI you are cutting out the middleman. Your cost will be direct and with our process of "all bases covered" you are insured a beautiful finished result.


It's not on the list? No worries just ask about a consultation for your project by contacting us.

Apex Home Renovation Inc.

When you combine energy savings with reduced maintenance costs (painting, glazing), better looks and increased resale value, new replacement windows make sound economic sense.


Siding is a great investment. Residing a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback. If you reside, you can often recoup 100% or more of your investment.


Increase your outdoor living area and provide yourself with relief from the heat of the sun by covering your existing patio area. We will construct a patio cover that matches the exterior design of your house and enhances your homes beauty, while providing you with a new place to relax.


Apex Home Renovation, Inc. utilizes state of the art roofing materials by GAF and CertainTeed. GAF and CertainTeed sets the standard in premium roofing materials and are America's largest roofing manufacturers. 


Does the interior of your home need a new look? One of the most cost effective and dramatic options is painting.

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